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mnightstamp's Journal

An M. Night Shyamalan Movies Stamping Community
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Since I have not seen one, being a lover of both M. Night Shyamalan movies and Stamping/Rating communities, I have decided to combine the two and present you with mnightstamp.

Layout made by 0_0dbo_o with the assistance of doi2life's layout tutorial.

Brand new community! PLEASE JOIN! T_T You may now post your applications & vote! Seriously, you guys!

RULES (It looks like a lot, but really it's not!)
• Must be at least 13 years old – this is a LJ rule, so no exceptions.
• Vote! Only you can prevent community inactivity!
• You must join before you can put up an application and vote.
• You must fill out an application in order to be stamped.
• Please put your application inside a LJ cut. If you do not know how to do this, please read the LJ FAQ to learn more.
• Please put ‘I see ___’ in your subject-title, so we know you’ve read the rules. Fill in the blank with anything you want, so long as it’s appropriate (PG and below, if you would).
• You don’t have to be stamped to vote, but you must be a member of the community. You are encouraged to vote, even if you have not been stamped!
• When voting, please bold your votes. You may mention more than one character, but please only vote one.
• You will be stamped after one week or at least 5 votes.
• If you are not happy with your stamp, you may reapply after one month. You may only be re-stamped twice, ever – so I’d save it for after a new movie comes out.
• If you are interested in affiliating, please contact the mod 0_0dbo_o, and odds are we will gladly affiliate.
• This is the most important: No flaming, hating, or other forms of belittling others will be tolerated. (On that note: no M. Night bashing! Why would you join if you don’t like him?) It's a rating community, not a berating community. This is for people to have fun, so please, just be respectful, and we can all have fun! :)
• That being said… Have fun!

Application based on your mod being too into stamping communities.


None yet. ;) We're brand new!

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This is a fan-based community, and we do not claim rights to any of M. Night's works. This is an entirely for-fun non-profit non-commercial community. :)