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19 August 2008 @ 11:16 am
I would like to remind our few members that this is a new, starting community, and that we will never have any activity if someone, besides me, doesn't gather the guts or 20 minutes to put up an application. ._.; Please, please do. I don't know if you can tell, I'm begging.

And I know I'm impatient, but I don't know that you've noticed someone joining and unjoining like I did. It's a cold, hollow feeling. Please put up your app. Please.

Thank you.
~Your apparently desperate mod,
03 August 2008 @ 12:04 am
Hey, all! You can start posting your applications, now! Voting is up! Get to it!

Characters : This is my list for now. You can vote anyone as anyone, but these are my recommendations and the ones I'm making stamps for. If you think another character should be added to the list, just say so, and I'll happily add them!

Praying with Anger
Because of how incredibly hard it is to obtain this film, let alone to have seen it, this first film will be excluded entirely until it becomes more easily obtainable and widely released.
Wide Awake
Because I am unsure of the popularity of this particular film, for the time being the characters from it will be excluded. If a large number of members express interest, then I will gladly add them. ;)
The Sixth Sense
Dr. Malcolm Crowe
Cole Sear
Lynn Sear
David Dunn
Elijah Price
Audrey Dunn
Joseph Dunn
Elijah's Mother
Rev. Graham Hess
Merrill Hess
Morgan Hess
Bo Hess
The Village
Ivy Walker
Lucius Hunt
Edward Walker
Alice Hunt
Kitty Walker
August Nicholson
Mrs. Clack
Lady in the Water
Cleveland Heep
Young-Soon Choi
Mr. Dury
Joey Dury
Harry Farber
Anna Ran
Mrs. Bell
Vick Ran
Mr. Leeds
The Happening 
Elliot Moore
Alma Moore
Nursery Owner
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Although there is a coinciding series, we will exclude characters from this trilogy until the first movie is released. :)

Stamps Remember to upload yours to your own server! No hotlinking!

StampsCollapse )
Please, feel free to donate stamps and stamp icons! (There are a lot of characters, after all!)
Stamps should be no larger than 400 pxw x 350 pxh, but I personally do not see anything wrong with them being smaller (sometimes compact can look better! I make mine about 250 pxw x 150 pxh). If you make a set, just make sure these sizes are consistant. They should include a picture of the character, the name of the community, and, optionally, the character's name.
Stamp icons should all be 100 x 100 px, and show the character or say who you have been stamped as (in case of text only). 
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